2018 Umpire Development

Attention all current and future RMMBA Umpires,

The Ridge Meadows Minor Baseball Executive is pleased to welcome you back to the 2018 baseball season.

The 2017 season saw some changes at the UIC level. There were some growing pains but we learned a lot and hope that 2018 will be another leap forward in developing our umpires, young and old, to be the best umpire they can be.

This year there will be a few changes that umpires should be made aware of as it will impact all of you.


This year we will be going back to Direct Deposit for our payment method. With all of the changes last year it made implementing this much more difficult than anticipated. One of the concerns with Direct Deposit was that umpires were unaware of what games they were actually being paid. Assignr is the single source for game schedules and details so that umpires are able to double check and bring to our attention any discrepancies.

1. Payments are now scheduled. Payments are now bi-weekly with cut off on Wednesday with payment expected to be deposited the following Monday. The 2018 Calendar is located here.

2. You will receive notification when the deposit occurs via your email on the Direct Deposit form.

3. Assignr is considered to be the true record of the games attended with all the details.


No new clinics are planned. Clinics were held March 31 and April 1, 2018.

You must register online at www.bcbua.ca under clinic information. The cost of the clinic will be reimbursed by RMMBA after the completion. If you are unable to attend our clinic on these dates, you are able to attend a clinic at another association as long as room permits. All other clinics are on the BCBUA clinic page.

Looking forward to a great 2018 baseball season.

Shawn Bird uicfield2@rmmba.ca
Dan Herbranson uicfield1@rmmba.ca
Tammy Doyle uic@rmmba.ca (Schedules and Updates, please send to Tammy)

Online Officials - New for 2018

Games are now scheduled online at this location - Assignr - Umpire Schedule Login

Shawn Bird uicfield2@rmmba.ca
Dan Herbranson uicfield1@rmmba.ca
Tammy Doyle uic@rmmba.ca (Schedule Updates and notifications)