2017 PeeWee AA Drafting Process


For the 2017 Spring season we have attempted to set a standard for the formation of Peewee AA teams (and rep teams of all ages in future years). We decided to do this for multiple reasons, the main reason being transparency in how the process of creating teams is undertaken. This was also done as a way of removing the sole responsibility of choosing teams from the coaches in an attempt to avoid the perception or appearance of bias, ensuring that players who make the team(s) are there based solely on ability/skills rather than any connection, real or perceived, between a coach and the selected players. If a parent has an issue with their child not making the team we now have a process in place that can be pointed to so blame isn’t placed on coaches, but can be focused instead on the Executive Board members involved in the process.


The following is a guideline and a schedule for the selection process:

  • Applications for Head Coach positions were opened to the membership.
  • An open tryout was held for all kids of the division interested in trying out for the team
    • Tryout was run by the Sr. HC/VP/DoCP, independent evaluations done by Sr Coaching staff (2-8 scale, total is averaged between the evaluators)
  • Head Coach(es) were informed if their applications were either accepted or declined by the DoCB. This decision is made after deliberation and review of applications by the DoCB/Sr. HC/VP. Consideration was also given to the player ranking of each potential coaches son from the open tryout when coaches were being selected.
  • HC/VP/DoCB and the head coach(es) meet/discuss over email after the open tryout and agree on the kids to be cut from the list and to be invited back for invite only tryouts
  • Two tryouts are then run, preferably outdoors when and where possible. The head coach(es) and their assistant coach are invited to be on field taking part in evaluations while the clinics are run by the Sr. HC/VP/DoCB and members of the Sr. Coaching staff. At these clinics an attempt to simulate game speed/situations (as much as possible) was made in order to give coaches and evaluators an attempt to grade players accurately. This game speed/situation scenario was accomplished by splitting the groups into even teams and running a live batting practice, where a coach throws BP to a team and then the ball in play is played live, with kids run the bases accordingly until 3 outs are recorded by the defensive team.
  • Once the tryout process has been completed the Sr. HC/VP/DoCB sat down with the head coach(es) and used their input to determine who the top 26-28 players based on the previous tryouts are. This list made up the only players that were eligible to be placed on a team and the final decision on which players made the list was made by the Sr. HC/VP/DoCB. From this list, the Sr. HC/VP/DoCB created 4 groupings of the top 12 players (6 for each team), and they were presented to the head coach(es) and their assistant to choose a grouping that they deemed to be the most fair. Once this was agreed upon, the coach was assigned one of these groupings of players by the Sr. HC/VP/DoCB, and their protected players were added to this group. After the coaches had been assigned their teams, a coin was flipped and the remaining spots on each team were “drafted” by the Sr. HC/VP/DoCB from the remaining players from the original list of 26-28 players, alternating picks until each team was complete with a roster of 12 players.
  • Any player eligible to be drafted was selected solely by the Sr. HC/VP/DoCB with input given by the head coach(es), and all players selected to a team were subject to the approval of the Sr. HC/VP/DoCB. Any complaints or issues regarding player selection should be directed to the following individuals and NOT the head coaches or their assistants.


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