2017 Mosquito Selects (MSET)

Mosquito Select Exhibition Teams   

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Many of our RMMBA members have heard that BC Baseball has agreed to allow the addition of Mosquito Select Exhibition Teams (MSET) to the existing mosquito programs. BC Minor has agreed to allow this program on a trial basis for the 2017 season.

Over the next coming month, we will be meeting with other BC Baseball Associations to fine tune the program and go over levels, rules, dates and other details.

The following is a basic outline that was presented to BC Baseball by Cloverdale Minor Baseball Association. Please be aware that MSET’s is an optional program for all of those who would like to participate including other associations who wish to take part. It is not a requirement. The MSET program is designed to offer some of our Mosquito players a more competitive baseball experience IN ADDITION to our Spring Baseball Program.

MSET teams will be formed after our Spring Assessments. Any Mosquito aged player may choose to try out for an MSET team and will be asked to attend an additional Assessment session.  Based on the number and ability of players at the assessment, RMMBA will decide on the number of MSET teams they will field for that year. Based on preliminary numbers, we expect to field a U11 Mosquito AAA team, a U10 Mosquito A team and, either a U11 Mosquito AA team or another U11 Mosquito AAA team.

Parents and players alike must be clearly aware that not all players attending will be selected and that cuts will have to be made if there are more players attending than there are roster spots to fill.

There will also be additional fees to participate in this program. Those fees will be in addition to our Spring Registration fees and will be decided on prior to the Spring Assessments and posted on our RMMBA Website. We believe that the cost will be approximately $50.00 to $100.00 to cover an additional jersey, tournament and umpire fees. These teams will be strictly developmental in nature and there will be no special hats, helmets or other swag.

Each team will be made up of 12-15 players, all of whom will have been already drafted onto a Spring Team. The RMMBA executive and board will select coaches for the MSET teams from the pool of coaches who have already committed to coaching on a Mosquito Spring Team. We envision having at least 2 coaches on each MSET team to avoid any possible conflicts with Spring Games.

MSET teams will have standardized game and practice times. One game per week on an interlock basis with other Associations and one practice time per week. Each MSET team will be playing at least 5 games and have 5 practices per year with the season depending on the start of the season and ending on the May Long Weekend with a wrap up Tournament. Travel to other ball parks will be required. We anticipate each team having approximately 5 home games, 5 away games and will each participate in a Tournament during the 12 week season.

All MSET players and coaches must participate in their Spring Team Schedule as well as fulfill their commitment to their MSET team. MSET players must, under BC Baseball Rules, participate in a minimum of 75% of their Spring League games in order to qualify to play Summer Ball. RMMBA will be strictly enforcing this policy.


Participating in an MSET program does not qualify a player for any special consideration during selection of any Summer Ball or All Star team. All MSET teams will be disbanded after the May Long weekend, so that all players can participate in Spring League playoffs. Summer Ball Assessments and selections will be conducted as they have in the past. Also note that no player is required to play MSET in order to be eligible to play or try out for a Summer Team later in the year. Players may participate in our Spring League only, and then assess for inclusion on a Summer All Star team in June.

In addition, RMMBA will not be accepting “out of catchment” (OOC) players for participation in our MSET Program unless that player has obtained a signed release from their home association for the Entire Season. OOC players who request to play MSET for Ridge Meadows on the basis that their home association does not offer an MSET program will not be accepted to play by Ridge Meadows Minor Baseball Association. Any OOC player who obtains the appropriate  Release and is selected for an MSET team must also play on one of our Spring Teams.

We hope that this communication will provide our board, parents and players alike with the information needed to plan for their 2017 season. We look forward to adding Mosquito Select in Cloverdale Minor Baseball to augment our existing Programs and provide additional opportunities and experiences for our players.     

Kandis Sampson

Mosquito Commissioner


(Information provided by Cloverdale Minor Baseball Association)