Garibaldi High School Baseball Academy

Garibaldi Secondary School is partnering with the Bullpen Baseball School to introduce a baseball Academy that will be launched in September 2018.

In the Fall of 2017, a survey was conducted to examine the viability of a Softball and a Baseball Academy being hosted in School District 42. The response from the community was overwhelming with over 700 responses being received.

Below is a sample of parent feedback which identified strong support for the addition of a Softball Academy in School District No. 42.

  • “Maple Ridge needs this. We have lots of great athletes that play this sport. We need to keep them here in our own community. I love this idea! Let’s keep our athletes here and give them these opportunities at home.” (Parent Survey Feedback)
  • “Our son would LOVE THIS. He currently plays baseball. Fall ball. Winter ball and summer ball. We would be very interested.” (Parent Survey Feedback)
  • “Finally!!!! Our son only plays baseball and I have been waiting and wondering if anyone was going to offer something for baseball families. It’s about time!! Our sport counts too. Baseball is one of the oldest games in history and we baseball families are die hard fans just the same as basketball or hockey…. etc. So happy this is finally being considered.” (Parent Survey Feedback)


  • Based on Long Term Athlete Development Model developed by Sport Canada
  • Training to Train (T2T) Phase which consolidates fundamental skills and introduces more advanced skills and tactics/strategies specific to Softball / Baseball.
  • The focus is on transferring the performance of skills developed in training into the competitive environment with                      a greater focus on optimal team performance.
    • NOT a TRAVEL TEAM at this point
    • That is our short/long term goal!!


  • Garibaldi Students
    • Academy Registration Form (Due April 1st at Garibaldi)
      Deposit (Sept & June) due April 30th
  • SD42 Students (not attending Garibaldi)
    • Academy Registration Form (Due April 1st at Garibaldi)
    • Transfer Form – at your HOME school prior to April 5th
    • Deposit (Sept & June) due April 30th
  • Non-SD42 Students
    • Academy Registration Form (Due April 1st at Garibaldi)
    • SD42 Registration Form (Due April 1st at Garibaldi)
    • Deposit (Sept & June) due April 30th