Welcome to the 2019 Tadpole Season! 

Tadpole is a developmental program that emphasizes having fun while learning the basic skills of baseball – batting, throwing, fielding and base running. First year, or Junior Tadpole players will play exclusively with the pitching machine, using all of the same rules as the second year players. Second year, or Senior Tadpole will continue to develop pitching skills and will use a combination of live pitching and the pitching machine during game play.

Tadpole games will run on Tuesdays, or Thursdays and Sundays. Weekend games are typically at one of three times: 10 am, 1pm or 4 pm.

Junior and Senior

Due to previous success in splitting the division into Jr Tadpole and Sr Tadpole, the 2019 season will remain with two distinct groups. 2011 birth year will be Jr and 2010 will be Sr. The registrar will assign you into your appropriate group, you do not need to choose during registration.


Tadpole Barns will be starting on January 17th.  They are held Monday’s and Thursday 630-730/730-830. Please contact me (Breanna Curley) if you are interested in helping run the barns.  This is a good oppertunity to learn new skills and get ready for the 2019 season!

Spring Season

Games will begin the first week of April and run until mid June.  Each team will play 12-14 regular season games and will participate in two tournaments. Teams should expect to hold at least one practice per week, coaches may add additional practices at their discretion. Tadpole Division’s primary fields are

PMAP #2, Upper Albion Park, and Merkley Park. All players will get plenty of opportunities to bat, and are encouraged to learn all fielding positions.

You can download/view the 2019 schedule here.

There are two tournaments held within this division -- one at the mid-season point and the other at the end of the season. Medals will be awarded to the winner and the runner up teams in each division. These tournaments are a lot of fun and let the kids demonstrate their skills in tournament play.

Summer Ball

The “Mini Mosquito” Program - "Mini Mosquito" is a competitive program that runs from mid-June to late July. All players that played in the Tadpole Spring Season are eligible, and will attend an evaluation session for team selection. Mini Mosquito plays by Mosquito rules - players pitch the whole game and base stealing is allowed.

The “U8 Program” - This is strictly a pitching machine based program that allowed the kids to continue their baseball season into the summer. 

Summer Ball teams represent Ridge Meadows and play against other local teams such as Coquitlam, Abbotsford, and Cloverdale etc. Some regional travel is required. There is no set season for the Summer Ball program, there is generally an interlock schedule set up for games and then tournament play-generally games are finished by the end of July

Breanna Curley, Tadpole Commissioner 


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