SUPER-T 2019

Welcome to Ridge Meadows Minor Baseball

Welcome families to Super T 2019/2020 season!! Super T continues the FUNdamentals of Rally
Cap, focusing on the skills and the love of the game. There are no strike outs, an although we
sometimes call a player safe/out, they do not leave the field. This is just an attempt to teach
the players some situational awareness of the larger game, but its not the focus. We do not
keep score or have any part of the game recorded.

Super T is played every Monday and Wednesday from 5:45-7:15pm. There will be three
Saturdays that super T will play (opening day in april, batathon in may and closing day in
june, dates TBA), otherwise it is always just Monday and Wednesday. Season starts the first
week of April and last 10 weeks. The first 1-2 weeks is practice only. Allowing the teams to
meet and learn some basic skills. There will be many first time baseball players in Super T.
All are welcome and encouraged to join the RMMBA family. RMMBA is a coed league.

Games are comprised of 3-4 innings of play. Each player will take a turn at each position
throughout the season. Hitting is off the tee for the first two innings and then coach pitch for
the last two innings. There are no strike outs.

Players need a glove, cleats, helmet with straps and baseball pants. We will provide bats, balls, shirt, hat and all field equipment. Players are welcome to bring a bat, but it is the team bat when using it during team games.

Registration closed January 31, 2019. We are usually full, so don’t be late.

Most importantly, with your registration, you are becoming a member of a 100% volunteer
run organization. You MUST volunteer to keep the league running. We will be running a
coach’s clinic and meeting in February/march, so make sure you sign up to coach or assistant
coach early. If you are unable to coach, you are expected to help at EVERY practice and
game. Coaches need to focus on coaching, parents need to focus on keeping the kids safe, in
line, ready to bat, get the gear, field prep and take down. You should never see your coach
setting up or taking down or cleaning up after practice. It is not a lot of work if we all do our
part. But its an overwhelming amount of work when it falls on just a few people.

Looking forward to seeing you out on the field!!

Carrie Dodsworth